For every business organization, lead management would be the goal and to generate profits through sales techniques, CRM software is the ultimate solution for a business. However, to build a long-standing relationship with a customer, there are several procedures involved.

According to a survey by BrightTALK, “ 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on generating leads and converting them to customers.”

Turning prospects or leads into customers involves a lot, right from the first cold email or introduction of your goods and services to these customers. The bulk of the work is not in finding the leads that will be interested in your brand’s product but convincing them that your business offers what they want and that at any time they need those goods and services, you are readily available to take their request and provide customer satisfaction.

Juwairiya Kembo said, “ lead conversion involves the process that prompts customers to buy products or services and push them towards a purchasing decision."

There are several sales techniques that the support management can adopt to turn leads into customers. However, before delving into these techniques, it is essential to familiarize our readers with the concept of sales techniques and what it involves.

According to Alan Dubinsky, “Sales techniques encompass a range of methods used in the sales profession to exchange goods, services or other property for money.” Also, Sales techniques training is often provided to salespersons or teams with an emphasis on how to sell a higher quantity of goods, in particular those of higher value.

In summary, sales techniques are the tools that are designed for the salesperson or sales techniques team to help people get the goods and services they need while ensuring customer satisfaction. The importance of customer satisfaction is to ensure that these customers keep coming back for patronage. Here are the sales techniques to win leads over and ensure they become lifelong customers to your organization.

1. Research your leads

The first sales techniques on the list is to carry out adequate research on your prospective leads. Before meeting your leads, it is essential to identify every detail that will enable you to pitch a mind-boggling presentation of your brand’s goods and services and what will appeal to their needs and make them interested in what you sell.

All leads are potential customers and should be given equal treatment; the sales techniques support management should not judge or give preferential treatment at first, it could be that one of your potential leads is a billionaire and has a low public profile, or according to your research, such a lead gives no clue as to their worth. Also, to provide an appealing first impression, you have to qualify your leads by understanding what they want and how you can satisfy their needs. This is one of the duties of sales techniques support management that can be achieved or tracked using lead management software.

The support management gathers enough intelligence from various sources before meeting with the leads; they include the customer's weaknesses and strengths, customers' tastes, challenges, and preferences. They have personal details and records of the leads as well. Knowing this will give you the needed confidence for a successful pitch. This information will also allow you to personalize the pitch and tailor it specifically for the customer. It could be an email or phone call; when you personalize it, it gives you an edge in getting a response from the recipient.

2. Structure the sales team for speed

The support management should be structured so that the sales techniques team is well organized and always available to lead and engage them as fast as possible. This sales techniques is essential because as you research your leads and prepare to gain their attention, your competitors are most likely doing the same.

Some sales support management divide their sales techniques team into two; the first team handles existing customers and takes care of their needs while the second team is in charge of the new prospects, and as soon as they turn them into customers, they are transferred to the first team. This arrangement brings about speedy action as the second team is always ready to take on a lead. They are also equipped with adequate and efficient lead CRM software for swift work processes.

Speed is an essential skill in sales techniques; the faster your support management and team swing into action, the better the organization. To ensure a speedy work process, support software such as has been designed to automate the processes involved right from identifying a prospect till they make their first purchase and how to follow up to ensure they continue the patronage.

3. Monitor your sales pipeline

Another crucial sales techniques is for the support management to monitor the sales pipeline. The sales techniques gives you an independent overview of your leads and how your sales personnel are interacting with your leads. This is an internal analysis carried out to show how many deals your team members or employees have been able to close or the number of prospects they have been able to turn to customers.

With proper monitoring using sales management, you can identify which of the sales techniques or strategies is redundant and does not yield the required return. It could be one of your sales techniques that are not on top of their game; the monitoring of the sales pipeline allows you to monitor, identify and make amends in your sales techniques.

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You can monitor your sales pipeline with lead management software such as, which enables you to track the activities of your support management team and make improvements. With the support software, the support manager can also monitor the sales process, activities, and stages in which the salesperson is and see what progress has been made so far in the journey to ensure a lead becomes a continuous customer.

4. Offer discount or freebies

One proven sales techniques to turn leads into customers is to offer discounts and freebies on your goods and services. Every potential customer feels good whenever they come across a discount or bonus; the sales support management can key into this.

Make the discount personalized so that the leads think it is only available for them, and specify that it is for a limited time; this will make the leads make a speedy purchase. Most times, the leads are not out to make purchases, but when they come across what they perceive to be a lucrative deal, they jump on it.

The sales techniques management can carry out a market survey and identify the discount percentage that will not affect the profit turnover of the business and at the same time will not seem too cheap to the customers. When the discount is too much to be true, this can be a red flag to the customers and make them doubt the quality of the products and services. Therefore, the sales techniques management should come up with a nice discount that is not too high.

5. Continuous follow-up

In a study by the propeller, “80% of sales require five follow-ups after the initial contact." Follow-up is an essential sales techniques. A short mail or phone call asking a customer, primarily first-timers, how you can help them use the purchased product goes a long way in converting leads to lifelong customers.

Follow-up also makes your prospects feel important. When you call or message a customer and engage them in improving service delivery, such customers develop a sense of belonging and feel that you value the relationship between them and your brand. Follow-up is easy with CRM software such as developed by 500apps.

6. Sell ethically, with integrity

Most times, in ensuring that you win the heart of leadership and gain patronage, the sales management tends to over-promise by promising “heaven and earth.” This isn't good for the brand.

The best way to go about this sales techniques is to sell your brand ethically, let the products and services speak for themselves. Roll out the exceptional features and highlight what the customer stands to achieve when they patronize the brand. This is the ethical way to sell.

In a tweet by Russ Thoman, William Brooks reported that pushy salespeople lose far more sales techniques than they ever make.

Honest communication is essential in ensuring continuous patronage. When your pitch is full of lies and unrealistic features which your product or service can not deliver, the leads are most likely not to return for another purchase because what you promised, you could not deliver. This brings about disappointment on the part of the customer. The integrity can be achieved when the right CRM software is in place and using CRM, you would gain ethical selling along with streamlining entire business processes.

7. Adopt a sales CRM

Using a sales customer resource management platform, software or tools can help your business organization convert leads to customers. A sales CRM allows the support management to identify a sales lead with lead tracking tools that show all available sales opportunities. Lead management software such as has customer resource management tools embedded in it to track and assign lead scores, target disparate audiences, give notification alerts and reminders based on a prospect or lead activity on your online store. It also helps your business to be more proactive with your contacts and improve customer relationships.

The CRM software furnishes the support management with adequate and relevant data on how to target the leads and win their heart.


There is no laid down rule, format, or technique to convert leads to customers; it all depends on the various strategies and how this business organization can combine the sales techniques to achieve its goals. While most support management makes little or no effort as soon as the potential customer makes their first purchase, it is essential to know that continuous follow-up and improvement in product and services rendered goes a long way in cementing the relationship between the customers and the brand.

Also, there are many support software available online; it is, however, necessary for the support management to go for the best that will make the sales process and other related activities easier for their team members. For instance, lead management software is one of the best CRM software that guides the sales management on how to identify leads, provide necessary details about leads, initiate the first contact, and the stages involved in turning the prospects into life-long customers.

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