As a result, all departments of an organization get access to valuable data that helps speed up communication and streamline significant processes. An efficient communication system allows team members to focus more on customers than business tasks.

What is a Contact Management App?

A contact management app helps organizations store the contact information of partners, vendors, clients, and customers in an organized manner. You can categorize and filter all contacts and manage communications using the app.

You can track your prospect, vendor, or customer information and communication via the contact management app. In addition, you can access necessary information like individual employees, addresses, associated clients, orders, open quotes, sales history, etc., with the app’s help. The contact management app is a source that helps improve an organization’s sales efforts by streamlining and simplifying processes like lead qualification and outreach systems.

A contact management app gets equipped with multiple business utilities that help store and retrieve all contact information.

The 5 Best Contact Management Apps for Business Professionals

contact-management-app-1 Contact management app helps organizations store contact information and manage sales and supports marketing workflow automation to get high conversions. The apps also offer communication logs and data to ensure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Now, the question is – which contact management app is best for business professionals. We have curated the best apps for your understanding below.


If you are searching for the best all-in-one contact management app, CRM is your answer. The app helps you track and manage customer interactions using relevant contact management features. The built-in tools allow you to generate leads at scale and enhance your organization’s business.

The app allows you to email, schedule, call, and prepare contacts for product demos and capture signatures from a single platform. The best part about CRM is that you can customize the app features to fit your business requirements by automating actions, collecting relevant information, and adding on-demand features. Pricing: $9.99/month

Pobuca Connect

Pobuca Connect is one of the best contact management apps that helps an organization become more productive and speed up communication processes. The best feature of the app is that it allows you to store all information and contacts on a single platform.

You can search for a contact with designation, department, company name, or gender and share them with others. The app allows you to access the admin panel and add your colleagues or clients as contributors who can add contacts to the system.

Pobuca Connect allows you to update and edit contacts by capturing email signatures and scanning business cards. The app offers call reminders, activity logs, internal notes, etc., to help link contacts to an organization.

The app has a backup of all contact data on the cloud and helps reduce the risk of losing relevant information. Moreover, Pobuca Connect can synchronize with any device. Pricing: Pro: $2.5/user/month Enterprise: $10/user/month


Nimble gives everything you need for contact management app – from reaching goals, discovering opportunities, and developing relationships. The app supports around 150 different CRM software and platforms to gather contact data, social media connectors, inboxes, communications, and calendar entries under the contact management system.

In addition, the app allows you to set reminders to communicate with every person from your contact list. The app displays every last interaction date with your contacts so that you find out the person you must get in touch with at a glance.

The Nimble app provides a complete view of your contact list from which you can locate contact information and interaction history. The app also allows you to categorize contacts to perform actions like sending emails, notifications, etc. Pricing: $19/user/month


Contacts+ is a great smart CRM app that can turn your organization into a power networker. The app helps procure contacts from different sources and accounts to generate a unique address book. It scans the contact list to showcase the most accurate information.

Contacts+ app allows you to scan business cards and upload relevant data. So, you do not have to face issues of manually entering any data from the cards. The app also helps locate duplicate entries in your contact database and merges everything into a single list. You can use Contacts+ for email signature extraction, call identification and blocking, birthday reminders, etc. Pricing: $8.33/month


Streak is one of the best apps to help you manage address book data. You can also utilize the app’s Chrome extension that works within the inbox. The app lets you skip switching between tools to view relevant contact information.

Streak stores contact information, call logs, associated tasks, email records, files, notes, etc., and enables you to access online communication data, interaction time, and modes. The app includes multiple highlighted features like contact search, sorting, filters, etc. Pricing: Solo: $15/user/month Pro: $49/user/month Enterprise: $129/user/month

How to Choose the Right Contact Management App for Your Business?

contact-management-app-2 Contact management app enables users to store and find contact information like names, phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles, email addresses, etc for overall account management app. Since contact management is a critical component of an organization, you must be vigilant while choosing an efficient app for your business. You can go through the following steps to select the best contact management app for your business.

Check if the contact management app is scalable to analyze your organization’s growth and the number of contacts.

Ensure that the cost of the app purchase aligns with your organization’s purchasing power. Check if the contact management app is compatible with all devices.

Summing It Up

A contact management app is the best way to get information on prospects, leads, customers, and clients. The app allows business marketing units to find the status of customers from an organization’s records in real-time.

CRM by 500apps is an efficient contact management app that provides customer-centric features to enable the effective email integration and communication activities. The best feature of the app is that it offers a single platform for all contact-related activities. Visit the website today for more details.

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