Implementing a good CRM system is a great requirement for 21st-century businesses. These tools help firms and companies handle their customers. Its features can help you design custom solutions for your customers while also treating them specially. Unfortunately, as many organizations try to take advantage of these software solutions, they often realize that these tools come at a premium price. However, there are now several free CRM systems that small businesses and startups can grow. In this article, we'll be reviewing some of these free tools and how they can help you serve your clients better.

Here Are the Top Free CRM Systems For Small Businesses In 2022

When starting as a small business, you have to keep your customers happy. However, you may lack the financial resources of some of these large firms. That's why you need to leverage the functions of free crm systems. To help you choose CRM tools that don't make a dent in your pocket, we have compiled a list of free CRM software systems that your business can implement. They include;

Top Free CRM Systems For Small Businesses


Freshsales is one of the top free CRM platforms out there with numerous state-of-the-art features. Many brands claim to be free but come with hidden clauses that threaten to rip you off your hard-earned money. This is where Freshsales stands out. The tool allows an unlimited number of users to use its features. You won't have to pay to implement it with a larger team. There's also a set of free functions such as customer support over the phone, email, and online chat that users can implement at any time of the day. There is a long list of features on this tool, and some of them include; - Data importing and exporting - contact management - Activity reports - Migration from other CRM solutions - Multi-level integration.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is renowned for its data analytics and reporting features. The tool can support an impressive range of data and produce comprehensive reports. These reporting tools make Zoho CRM attractive to small businesses crm and startups. The app offers detailed insight into customer interactions and sales processes. You'll also get marketing, sales, and support tools on a single platform. Asides from its analytic features, the app is also renowned for helping businesses quickly respond to their customers on all channels. A sales assistant will inform you about the best time to contact your customers and follow up with them. If that were not enough, you'd also find a dashboard that makes it easier to customize your activities and work operations. Some of the main features of Zoho CRM include;

  • Analytic Reports
  • Deal Reports
  • Lead Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Web forms

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Many experts refer to HubSpot as one of the best free CRM tools on the market. While the app doesn't have the best scaling features, it is renowned for its lead generation and marketing capacity. According to reports by the manufacturer, 64% of small businesses now leverage the features of this tool to reach and convert their customers because of its numerous remarkable features. To start with, HubSpot supports an unlimited number of users and can keep about a million client contacts. Its best features include lead management to get your messages across to customers quickly and easily. Chatbots and an email design editor can influence your marketing campaign and personalize your messages. Some of the tools main features are;

  • Social media integration
  • Virtual sales pipeline
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Data importing and exporting
  • Customer list segmentation

Social media integration

Agile CRM

Users get access to multiple CRM features on the spot with Agile CRM. The tool can also support up to 50,000 contacts. Agile CRM best functions are used in sales. This sprint-based software will allow you to gain access to vital information and data to enable clients to manage data from the sales pipeline easily. Agile will also ensure that you can offer your sales representatives the best support features, such as email Open Tracking. Some of the main features you get from using this tool include; Custom data fields - Lead information storage - Appointment organization and scheduling - Email tracking - Tracking deal milestones

What Makes a Good CRM System?

There are different types of CRM tools on the market. These tools are designed to fit various companies' business strategies and technological means. Before settling for any CRM solution, it's crucial that the organization can identify what makes the tool special. These are some of the features to look out for when shopping for a good CRM system;

1. Ease of Integration: The purpose of a CRM is to hold vital client data. Therefore, this tool has to integrate seamlessly with other software solutions of the organization. Without proper integration with apps and work processes, the device will be more difficult and costly to use.

2. Customizable Features: A good crm software should easily be customizable to suit the organization's demands. This means that you should design the tool exactly how you want it.

3. Scalability: The best CRM systems are easily scaled to suit various types and sizes of organizations. It should allow you easily add more users and app modules to simplify your work processes.

Are Free CRM Systems As Good As Paid CRMs?

Depending on the manufacture of the software solution, free CRM systems can have impressive features like paid CRMs. They may even offer a set of similar characteristics. The main difference between both types of this tool is that paid CRMs provide a wider range of features and more scalability options. On the other hand, your free CRM may be somewhat restricted and prevent you from taking advantage of some specialized features.

Free CRM Systems As Good As Paid CRMs

What To Look for In a Free CRM System?

When choosing a free CRM, you need to consider; - The number of users that it supports - Its main features and functionalities such as Email Marketing Software and lead generation - The tool's reporting and analysis features


That's all on the CRM systems to use for small businesses. These free software solutions may be your best bet if you have limited financial resources. First, however, you need to ensure that you choose a suitable option that supports your company's main business operations and needs. If you're looking for an ideal tool for your small business, look at the information in this article for some inspiration.

What Makes the Best CRM Software?
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