Customers are the important assets of a business. They are the main revenue-driving force, no matter what the industry is. Without them, businesses cannot continue to exist, let alone achieve sustainable growth. A study by Bain shows that improving customer retention rates by merely 5% can boost profits between 25% and 95%. Therefore, businesses try everything to earn maximum customer satisfaction. They focus on their value chains, where they continually look to add value to their products and services.

Need for Best Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is a complex process. It involves combining business policies, procedures, and technologies to manage and analyze customers’ expectations, interactions, and behaviors. There are lots of underlying variables that need to be carefully implemented and monitored to achieve success in CRM.

Businesses integrate innovative technologies to improve their operations and increase productivity. Customer relationship management software is no exception to this continuous evolution. Several CRM modules have been introduced in recent years. According to Zendesk, eighty percent of companies upgraded their support technology in 2020. New features and capabilities are also reported to be added to their crm tool.

Best Customer Relationship Management Software for Small Businesses

Different Types of CRM Software

Customer relationship management software can be characterized in the following three major types:

Operational CRM

Operational CRM is designed to assist businesses in managerial activities. They are primarily integrated to increase operational capacity and improve overall productivity.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM assists in the strategic decision-making of an organization. It collects large volumes of data and interprets it into useful information. For instance, it provides better insights into clients, their interactions with business and draws possibilities, all with the help of data visualizations.

Need for CRM Software

Collaborative Customer Relationship Management Software

Collaborative customer relationship managers are designed specifically to streamline small business crm operations. This software promotes teamwork and collaboration by increasing accessibility, sharing, and attestations. Not only internal processes, but this software also facilitates external communications. For instance, you can configure your interactions with vendors and distributors based on shared customer data.

Things to Look for in CRM Software

Customer relationship management is the key aspect of any business, and quality CRM Software can be a critical success factor. The following are a few qualities that you should look out for before investing in CRM software.

Innovative Management Facilities

The most important aspect of any business solution is its innovation to increase productivity in its operations. Therefore, you must first note down all your business requirements and then look for a solution.


Customer relationship management Software, which has Sales Automation streamlines the standardized business process. From planning and resource allocation to marketing and sales, CRM software automates all processes. One that facilitates this automation can be a reliable investment for your business.

Tracking, Analysis, and Reporting

Only premium CRM solutions can provide advanced tracking, analysis, and reporting services. All business operations are subject to timely evaluations, and thus the importance of such CRM is huge. It would be great if you can integrate such a capable system into your organization.

Friendly User Interface

The user interface is not a primary feature that most businesses are interested in. Nonetheless, it can be of exceptional quality in Customer relationship management software. It not only increases the ease of operations for its operators but is also convenient to learn as a skill.


Price can be a highly decisive factor, especially for new businesses with limited funds. Finding a customer relationship management software solution is an affordable price is a big relief. Note that not all premium-priced CRM solutions are great. You must carefully investigate their features before deciding on one for your business.

Ready to Close More Deals & Streamline Sales Process with - The Top Customer Relationship Management Software for Businesses in 2022 is one of the best value providers in the market. It is introduced by 500apps at a remarkably affordable price. In addition, it is loaded with all essential and supplementary features to give you an “all-in-one” service. Below, we’ll discuss its features and find out why it can be a top choice as a CRM solution for your business.

CRM Features

Lead Management - lead management feature captures and nurtures new leads and measures their possibility of becoming potential buyers. It provides timeline views of your leads and facilitates tagging and note-taking.

customer relationship management features

Contact Management - Thanks to Contact Management feature, all your contacts are managed in one place. You can instantly add or remove many contacts in just a few clicks. You can also track history and other details.

Deals Management - Deals Management is a highly collaborative feature as it assists the whole team in tracking the progress of all deals in one tab. Users can track and manage multiple sales pipelines.

Task Management - The Task Management feature is one of the most used features in It enables its users to create, track, and assign new tasks to their team members.

Account Management - account management feature is specifically integrated to map key stakeholders and manage their accounts with the business. Also, it is customizable, so users can accommodate it according to their preferences.

Document Management - An electronic Document Management system (EDMS) is offered by 500apps as a standalone solution. However, it is also available in

Other key features in this category include Performance Management, Sales Management, and Pipeline Management.

Revenue Driving Features

Lead Scoring - Lead Scoring feature ensures that you carefully manage high probability leads. It ranks them and determines which ones are most likely to convert into long-term clients.

Sales Automation - Sales Automation feature automates all sales operations of a business. With the help of a drag and drop editor, users can automate complex sales workflow.

Sales Analytics - sales analytics provides useful insights into sales forecasts and actual performances with interactive reports. It assists you in optimizing your sales process.

Other key features in this category include Sales Enablement and Sales Forecasting.

Other Key Features

CRM Telephony - CRM telephony is designed to improve communication with clients. Users can call directly from the CRM software. They can also track deals and histories regarding previous conversations.

CRM Customizations - This feature enables its users to customize all their CRM processes according to their work requirements. They can create custom fields, buttons, and layouts to organize information.

CRM Reporting - The crm reporting feature in is a highly capable feature for analysis and reporting purposes. It provides useful details in the form of powerful cohort reports, conversion reports, and advanced analytics.

Workflow Automation - This is the most critical feature of It assists in automating and streamlining repetitive processes. It increases efficiency and productivity by a great margin.

Conclusion is a comprehensive customer relationship management software. It has the characteristics of operational, analytical, and collaborative CRM solutions. Such a system can be used at levels of an organization. Strategic decision-makers can get useful insights while middle and low-level management can enjoy increased productivity through automation, collaboration, and ease of performing tasks. As it is developed by 500apps, you can subscribe to this amazing software with thirty other business solutions at a monthly price of just $14.99 This is a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs to kickstart their startups right away!

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